Wildland Apiculture

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Our Wildland Honey is Raw Honey:

Raw honey means natural or organic honey.
Most shop honey is heated and filtered under pressure to melt any sugar crystals and to remove all other nuclei that can act as a seed to increase its shelf life in order to prevent crystallization. During this process most of the volatile aromatic substances, enzymes and yeasts are lost as are the constituents associated with pollen such as minerals and vitamins. Fresh unheated honey is best known for the treatment of different kinds of wounds (including burns and ulcers), of gastro-enteritis and various eye infections by way of reducing inflammation, boosting the immune system and stimulating tissue regeneration due to its anti bacterial ingredient hydrogen peroxide that protects ripening honey against spoilage.

Nature`s Best for Connoisseurs
off the Comb with all its Natural Pollen!

Contact the Bee People: apis@wildland.org.za

Wildland Bee Hives

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